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While in general human height tends to stop growing after the age of 21, there are remedies available in Ayurveda that helps stimulates the Growth Hormones. Yoga being a part of Ayurveda plays a vital role in stimulating those hormones and increasing chances of gaining height.

These Yoga exercises will tell you How to Increase Height.

Pada Hast Asana

Stand straight, and then gradually lower both hands towards your feet and try to hold the toe of your feet. When you have practiced this, try to touch your knees with your nose, and try to put your head between your knees. Performing this asana 10 minutes daily will help you get relief from flatulence or gastric problems of stomach and at the same time will help activate the proper function of liver.

It also cures indigestion, constipation and helps regularize digestion. Overall health and height improves.


Sit on the ground and spread both legs ahead. Hold both the toe with both the hands, keeping in mind that your legs are straight. When you have practiced this, gradually bend your head towards your knees and try to put it between your knees. Remember you do not bend your legs and keep them straight throughout the process.

This asana is very useful for liver. It is also helpful in piles, indigestion and flatulence and helps improve height of the body. One of the practicing gentlemen of this asana states that the regular practice of this asana transforms an individual. Our ancestors also agree to this and consider it a good state. Usually the flow of semen is towards the genitals, with the practice of this asana the flow is directed towards the head, which in turn helps in maintaining bachelorhood.


Lie down on the ground and loosen yourself. Keep your legs straight and gradually lift them upward. The slower you do it the better it will be to do so. The slower you lift your legs the more pressure you will be putting on your eyes and as a result the defects related to eyes will get resolved and they will start functioning properly. When you have lifted your legs till the height equal to a hands distance from the ground, stay there as long as you can. Then slowly move them to the ground. This asana increases appetite, relieves constipation, treats indigestion and other related problems of stomach and enhances height.

Hal Asana

Practicing this asana for duration of ten minutes daily gives fantastic results. It not only helps spleen and liver function properly but also improves appetite. Also enhances height of short individuals.

Shirsh Asana

This is the best asana amongst all other. We personally feel that the effects of this asana on the well being are wonderful. The flow of blood in the body is usually top to bottom, i.e. head to toe; with this asana it gets reversed i.e. from bottom to top, means from toe to head, and as a result all the disorders of the blood gets cured and the blood is purified. Hence all the blood related diseases get cured faster.

Sarvang Asana

This asana is as useful as Shirshasana.

Dhanur Asana

Dhanurasana is the prime asana of the spine. It has been found, from recent research, that spine is as important as brain. One of the methods used, to stay young, in different therapies is Spinal exercise. This asana is as useful as Shirshasana and enhance height.

If you regularly do these Yoga exercises, then the chances of increasing your height will surely become better.