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how good is milk for health

Milk: Globally milk has been considered as the first divine food. This wonderful food is produced in the female breed in nature’s factory. Milk is not only beneficial to children but also to the teenagers and old aged. The addition of milk in diet of grains and vegetables is valuable. A glass of milk, by virtue of its qualities, carries more nutritional value than 250 grams of meat or three eggs. It contains sugar, fat, minerals and vitamins at an optimal quantity. Such a nutritional value is not present in any food, be it grains, vegetables, pulses or meat. That is why intake of at least 250 ml of milk in the daily diet of children, teenager, or old age is beneficial. Though 750 ml intake will do wonders. Preferably consume cow’s milk, especially those who are on green fodder. If not cow then goat and if not goat then buffalo.

Milk which is removed from the flame on a boil is good. Usually, in homes and especially at Sweet shops milk is kept on the flame from morning till evening, and becomes scaly and reddish; loses its nutritional properties and values. Some people rant and flaunt the consumption of such milk without understanding the facts.

Drink milk after creating a lot of foam to get more benefits and taste. Do not add more sugar to the milk. Digestion power worsens by adding more sweetness, and on the occasion of turning on youth many times, the disease of sugar starts in the urine.

The remarkable thing about milk is that very less of its constitutes get wasted inside the body, unlike cereals and vegetables. Improves the overall health of the body and also enhances the height of an individual. This is the reason that most of the patient are put on milk.

After a long research, the famous American Scientist Professor Meklm shared that meat eating individuals if do not consume milk, deteriorate on their strength and age. One must consume milk or any of its by-products like – curd, cream, cheese, butter etc. The tribes like Spartans, Rajputs, Degres and Gorkhas drink milk and eat cereals and vegetables and that is why they are counted amongst the most patient, brave and warrior like tribes. Those whose consume more of meat and less of milk and its by-products are prone to diseases of old age and the immunity slowly decreases. Fresh milk. boiled milk, sweetened milk, or milk consumed during morning are beneficial for health.

Sometimes, due to poor consumption of milk, when milk is consumed it may cause loose stools. It is a myth that digesting milk is difficult, and in such cases increasing the quantity slowly will help you get good results.