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Yoga Exercises to gain height

YOGA EXERCISES TO GAIN HEIGHT While in general human height tends to stop growing after the age of 21, there are remedies available in Ayurveda that helps stimulates the Growth Hormones.  Yoga being a part of Ayurveda plays a vital role in stimulating those hormones and increasing chances of gaining height. These Yoga exercises will tell you How to Increase

By - mark-height

How to increase height

HOW TO INCREASE HEIGHT Written by Dr R.P. Monga We appreciate your interest in – “How to increase Height”.  Usually we hear our grandparents stating- “In our generations people use to be healthy, hearty and strong”. This kind of information shared by them shows their limited knowledge. Centuries ago the town of “Panpitai” got buried under the lava of a

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Is this true that a human attains the maximum height till the age of 21 years? Yes it’s true that by the age of 21 years, by virtue of human physiology all the bones of the body gets connected and no further growth is seen. But it is incorrect to state that after this age he/she cannot

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Why Growth Stops

  WHY HUMAN HEIGHT STOPS GROWING Have you ever wondered what makes human height stop growing? For some people, it could stop by the age of 18 years while for some unfortunate ones, it could be before that. Let us see what the reasons why our height stops growing are. Reasons why human height stops growing Genetic factors: Our genes

By - mark-height

Anatomy of height

Your physical height is directly proportional to your personality and also to some extent to your self-confidence.  Whether you are a girl or a boy, if you have a good height then your personality automatically stands out from the crowd.  You feel more confident. Generally, during the puberty our body goes through many hormonal changes.  One of the hormones which